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Originally delivered on 11/18/2020 6:58 pm

SUBJECT: November 18th

Nixon Cares

Thank you to all who participated in our Teacher & Staff Appreciation Sidewalk chalk event last week. If you have any great ideas for how we can show our appreciation, please join one of our meetings or email us at

The PTO would like to explore the idea of virtual clubs to help connect students with similar interests. 

We are looking for volunteers interested in hosting a virtual club, once per week for the month of January after school hours. Hosting can be as simple as logging on to a virtual meet link and supervising attendees for appropriate behavior and language. Or, if you have a special interest or hobby and would like to give a lesson or facilitate a discussion, tell us about it!

Some ideas are:

  • LEGO Club
  • Trivia Club
  • Bug Buddies Club
  • Microwave Mug Cooking Club 
  • Home School Room Decoration Club
  • Cozy Winter Craft Club
  • Clay Sculpting Club
  • Sharks, Reptiles & Dinosaurs Club

The goal is to encourage student-to-student interaction across cohorts. 

The PTO needs volunteers in order to provide these fun, community building activities. Please join in the fun! 

Go to Get Involved - Volunteer to show your interest. We will get in contact with you to discuss Club topics and schedules.

Turn your kid's art into Keepsakes

Need some ideas for gifts this year? We've got the perfect thing!

Step 1: Print out the form. FORM

Step 2: Have your kid do their best work!

Step 3: Upload an image. INSTRUCTIONS  &  UPLOAD

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5th Grade Commemorative Shirts

Nixon graduating class of 2021

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Yearbook Photos

Upload photos of your student:

Last call for HALLOWEEN photos

Participating in Book Fair by READING FAVORITE BOOKS

Dropping off items for FOOD PANTRY

Participating in SPIRIT DAYS

Beautiful SQUARE 1 ART

Make sure your student is represented in our 2020-2021 Yearbook!

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Order before November 20th

5th Grade Fundraiser - a portion of the proceeds goes toward 5th Grade Celebrations and Events

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Food Pantry - THIS WEEK!

TODAY November 18th for Remote Students

Thursday, November 19th for Cohort A & C Students

Friday, November 20th for Cohort B & C Students

You can also choose to make a monetary donation directly to the food bank. Visit:

Nixon Gear for Holiday Gifts

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We have new Tee Shirts!

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Snow is on it's way!

We've got the perfect Snow Gear Bag! Made from durable, 50% recycled material, zip top closure, over-the-shoulder length handles and big enough for all your winter wear.

The school asks that your student bring snow gear in a separate bag, and this is the perfect choice! Teachers love the zip-top closure and the name label!

Teacher & Staff Appreciation

This year we really want to make sure our teachers, administrators and staff know how much we care! We have created a way to donate directly to Teacher & Staff Appreciation initiatives. All donations made here will go towards meals, goodie bags and THANK YOU events.

Click the apple to DONATE TODAY!


~Thank you to all who participated in the Sidewalk Chalk Appreciation Event!

~Thank you to Rachel Nelson who is working to coordinate all our Curriculum Craft Volunteers! And thank you to Jessica Levine and Emily Russo for getting Turkey Costumes ready for Kindergarten!