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Originally delivered on 10/20/2021 12:48 pm

SUBJECT: October 20th

PTO Meeting November 18th

All are welcome to join as we talk about upcoming events, appreciation initiatives and school spirit!

7:30 PM

Click HERE to join our ZOOM meeting. 

So much fun at the Fall Festival!

Thank you to all who attended, volunteered and donated to make this event possible!

Please send any event feedback to!

Pick up your scarecrows and pumpkins

If you would like to take your wonderful scarecrows and decorated pumpkins home, please do so by Friday, October 22nd.

Beautiful Appreciation

Thank you do everyone who stopped by the school this past weekend and wrote a note of appreciation to our wonderful Nixon Staff. Our appreciation committee also surprised the staff with coffee and doughnuts on Monday morning. 

Staff Spotlight

Meet Leslie Dooley

Do - Re - Mi - Fa - So - La - Ti - Dooley...

Yes, Mrs. Dooley is our music teacher! She grew up in a very musical family with the tradition continuing with her son who is also a music teacher just like her.

After growing up in Ohio, Mrs. Dooley attended Oberlin College and Conservatory where she studied Music Education and English. She has been with us at Nixon for 15 years incorporating all of the different music education methodologies she has studied, including Orff-Schulwerk and Koday approaches and Music Learning Theory. She thinks it is so important to honor cultural differences and share music from many cultures. 

In her spare time she likes to cook! She is a pescatarian which means she eats fish, but no other meat. She loves a good cup of tea to sooth her vocal cords as she sings all day at work and for pleasure. She loves folk dancing, which we got to see as she joined in with ease and danced with the students at the Fall Festival this past weekend. She also likes to hike and once did 25 miles across the Cascade Mountains in a single day. Wow!

Mrs. Dooley says:

"I believe that singing is the basis of early music education, as the voice is a child's "first instrument." I believe music should be taught first through moving and playing before reading symbols. We do a lot of dancing in the music room to get the music "in our bodies"."

It is so heartwarming to hear our children come home humming the new song that they learned in Mrs. Dooley's class. We love Mrs. Dooley's school spirit and her wonderful way of communicating the school's core values through school meetings. Her dedication to ensuring the talents of the students are shared with the community is invaluable. So, the next time you see her, please extend a melodic Thank You for the hard work she does!

Inspiring grant at a time

In 2020-2021, SERF awarded almost $80,000 in grants for important learning tools and experiences such as software platforms, musical equipment, drama applications, books for literacy programs and much more! 

SERF relies on broad community participation, and every gift makes a difference. Please join us in supporting innovative and enriching ideas at your child's school. 

Make your donation today!

Upcoming Events!
October 22nd - Core Value Spirit Day

Nixon Elementary has five core values that help guide learning, relationships and goals throughout the school year. Each core value will be highlighted during designated Core Value Spirit Days. 

We will be celebrating 


on October 22nd

Please show your school spirit by wearing Green or Nixon Gear!

Kindergarten Girl Scouts

Learn more about the 

Kindergarten Daisy Girl Scout Troop 

Sunday, October 24th at 4PM

at Nixon Playground

Fall Book Fair

Support the Nixon School Library and the Nixon PTO by purchasing books from our Fall Book Fair

November 1st - 5th

Details about book previews and purchasing coming soon!

Volunteers Needed
Help create a new event!

We were thinking it might be fun to try a virtual BINGO night, pajama themed! We could send home bingo cards and markers, and students would get cozy in their pajamas from home and log into a virtual event to play and win cozy prizes like slippers, blankets, socks, stuffed animals, mugs of hot chocolate mix, etc. 

Please sign up to volunteer if you are interested in helping to plan this new event!

Click here to volunteer!

Listed under Social Fundraisers

Amazon Wish List Deliveries

Every year we create an Amazon Wish List that teachers and staff can add items that they would like for their classrooms or work areas. We need a volunteer who can receive Amazon deliveries, label them and deliver them to the school. This volunteer commitment will be for the month of December. Please sign up if you are interested!

Click here to Volunteer!

Listed under Teacher & Staff Appreciation

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Committee

We are looking for a couple more volunteers to join the Appreciation Committee. This group plans several appreciation initiatives throughout the school year to show the Nixon team how much we care. This committee also plans events for National Appreciation week in May. 

Click here to volunteer!

Auction Committee

The Nixon PTO's largest fundraising event is the Spring Auction and adult social! A lot of preparation goes into this event, so we would like to ask for volunteers to show their interest in helping plan this event now!

Click here to volunteer!

Nixon Shops

Help us connect with shops who wish to partner with the PTO for a mutually beneficial fundraising campaign. Just a few easy phone calls here and there, and we will do the rest! 

Click here to volunteer!

Nixon Eats

Nixon Eats is a great excuse to eat out on a weeknight! Help us connect with local restaurants who wish to schedule a fundraising night with us! Talk with the manager, set a date, and that's it!

Click here to volunteer!

Purchasing pumpkins for the Fall Festival!

Thank you volunteers!


~Thank you to Erin Tansey, Nicole Enerson and Vona Hill for helping out with Picture Day!

~Thank you to Annie Magee for organizing the Chalk Appreciation event and bringing in coffee and doughnuts to the Nixon Staff!

~Thank you to Tash & Eva Ross, Katie & Chase Champagne, Katie McCue, Vona Hill, Dahiana Jamail, Maggie Wilson, Amy & Malik Hansen, Joan Raynor, Dave Wollner, Yu Huang, Susan Lavigne, Leichen Dai, Laurie & Doug Eliason, Jackie Barry, Susan & David Graham, Jenn & Brett Valerie, Laurie Caliri, and all the Lincoln Sudbury Students for volunteering before, during and after the Fall Festival. We would not have been able to to pull it off without you!

~Thank you to all the families who donated supplies, snacks, drinks, cakes and pies to the Fall Festival! Your donations really made this event extra special!

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