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Originally delivered on 6/9/2021 11:55 am

SUBJECT: June 9th

Next week will conclude the 2020-2021 school year and undoubtably one of the hardest school years in recent history. We would like to thank all of the members of our community who helped support our PTO mission and, most importantly, supported the members of our Nixon staff. We know that there were so many unquantifiable sacrifices made in every household to make this year successful. Thank you.

Have a question about Nixon or our PTO? Click here to ask the co-chairs Natasha & Haley

Welcome to our new Executive Board Members!

Natasha Ross - Co-chair

Kathryn Liddle - Secretary

Christina Dennis - Co-Treasurer

Joan Raynor - Co-Treasurer

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Enrichment Committee

Work hand-in-hand with your grade level teachers to bring educational enrichment programs to the students. 

Curriculum Crafts (Grades K-3)

Partner with your grade level teachers to prepare materials for curriculum based craft projects.

Fall Festival Committee

Turn our beloved Monster Mash event into a fabulous outdoor fall festival!

New Family Committee

Help us welcome new Kindergarteners and new-to-Nixon families with initiatives throughout the year.

P.E. Fundraiser

Partner with our P.E. teacher Betsey Caldwell to create a new fundraiser for next year!


Learn the ropes from our experienced yearbook volunteer during our 2021-2022 school year and take over the position for the following year.

Auction Committee

Join a large team of volunteers for the planning and execution of the funnest Adults ONLY event of the year!

and many more...

Visit our VOLUNTEER CENTRAL to sign up!
Kindergarten Families

If you know a family who has an incoming Nixon Kindergartener, please tell them to register as a PTO member this summer! Register at

5th Grade Events

Today - Happy Graduation Day!

June 15th: FUN DAY 

June 16th: PTO Kickball Tournament 

CLICK HERE for your permission slip!  Parent pick up at 2:45PM

June 18th: Clap Out 10:30AM

Save the date

Nixon Spirit Day on June 17th

Tropical Luau

Wear your best tropical theme outfit!

School Supplies Fundraiser

Purchase school supplies for 2021-2022 school year in one easy step.

Click HERE to order your kit before June 30th


~Thank you to Co-Chair Janelle Edlefsen

The Nixon PTO was lucky enough to have you as co-chair for three years in total, not to mention all the other countless ways you have contributed to our little non-profit. You are a very patient and supportive person who always hopes for the best and calmly deals with the unexpected.  Your kindness and generosity shine through with everything you do - the hours you have put in and the miles you have driven around town can never be tallied! Thank you for caring so much about the students and staff at Nixon and our community as a whole. 

~Thank you to Secretary Liz Adams

You have been such a big part of the Nixon PTO family; as Co-chair and Secretary, and having a hand in so many other committees as well, we thank you for being such an exceptional and dedicated volunteer.  You always are there to extend a helping hand when needed and ensure that we are always doing what is best for Nixon. Although you will not be participating in our Executive Board next year, we still get to benefit from your wisdom for one more year as a Nixon Parent and PTO volunteer. Thank you so much for all of your time and support. 

~Thank you to Co-Treasurer Kaye Bemis

Taking on the treasurer role is no easy feat in and of itself - especially jumping in to learn and set up a whole new website and accounting system from scratch - on top of a full time job and getting a graduate degree! We don't know how you juggled it all but you have been such an asset to this organization with your brilliant ideas and savvy organizational skills. Thank you so much. 

~Thank you to Co-Treasurer Amy Sholk

Treasurers typically join our team for a two year term, but you have stuck it out when no one was volunteering to take over. You have carried us through some tricky times, especially this last year as we all learned how to manage during the pandemic. We love your positive and easy going approach and we thank you for your contributions to our team. At least you will never have to pick up a cash box again!

~Thank you to Beth Murray & Susan Woods

You have shown great leadership as you calmly faced every challenge. Your positivity has been so apparent in every interaction. We really loved discussing new ways to bring our community together and problem solving the logistics with you. Thank you for being so open-minded and encouraging. 

~Thank you to Molly Logan & Jo-Ann Schuster

Many of our members may not realize how essential you are to carrying out our PTO mission. This year more than ever, we relied on you to be our hard working hands in the building to execute everything that we would have normally sent in a troop of volunteers to do. You dedicated countless hours to helping us despite all the additional logistical challenges that this year brought to your roles. We are so grateful to you both and appreciate how much time and attention you give to our initiatives.

~Thank you to all our volunteers!

This year has shown how we can pull together and focus on what is important. We had a small group of very dedicated volunteers who stayed with us despite the challenges they faced in their personal lives. Our strength and ability to achieve our goals came from the collaboration of those dedicated parents and staff. 

~Thank you to all who donated!

We saw overwhelming support from so many families through donations and messages of gratitude. It is because of this support that we are able to do all the wonderful initiatives for the school and our community. We couldn't have done it without you!

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