During a time when keeping distance between us is necessary, we can still stay connected to one another.



Join our Staying Connected Campaign!

There are two ways to participate:


1. Sign-up to be a Nixon Pen Pal and receive a name and address of  another student to write and mail letters to. Purchase a stationery kit below or use your own materials. 


Pen Pal pairs will be assigned based on participation.

The information you provide will be shared with another Nixon family. 


2. Purchase a stationery kit or use your own materials to write to the people you care about at the school. You could write to multiple students, teachers or staff members. 


Use the PTO Directory to find student's addresses


mail Teacher & Staff Letters to:

427 Concord Road

Sudbury, MA. 01776



Purchase your stationery kit HERE!



Sign-up to be a Nixon Pen Pal HERE!