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Originally delivered on 3/3/2021 8:42 am

SUBJECT: March 3

Things are changing quickly these days and we want to make sure that we are doing our best to communicate important information to our community. Please read carefully and reach out with any questions.

We are here to help!

Have a question about Nixon or our PTO? Click here to ask the co-chairs Haley & Janelle
Join us for our PTO meeting TONIGHT!

6:30 PM

Click HERE to join ZOOM

Principal Woods and Assistant Principal Murray will be joining us to answer any questions about upcoming school transitions. 

It is ok to just listen. Kid interruptions are expected!

Share your ideas, thoughts and feedback freely.

ALL parents and teachers are asked to participate!

Career Days

March 4th & 5th

Dress up like you are headed to your dream job!

March is the month to place your order for a yearbook!


Yearbooks on sale NOW!

Order today!

Submit photos, there's still time!

In order for all students to be represented in our 2020-2021 yearbook, we need families to contribute photos of their students as they have special moments this year. 

CLICK the CAMERA to upload pictures of:

  • Spirit Days & wearing Nixon Gear
  • March Kindness Month
  • Talent Show
  • Remote Learning Activities 
  • Playing on Nixon Playground
  • Band/Orchestra students holding their instrument 
  • Students and their Pets!
Acts of Kindness initiative

We have started the first week of our March Kindness Month.

All Nixon students have been asked to complete three acts of kindness each week during the month of March. Each act has a focus area. Some ideas have been given to assist the students, but they can choose what type of act suits them best. The acts of kindness can be big or small; it's up to the student how they wish to participate. 

As each student completes their acts of kindness, they will write what they did on a plastic tag. Please make sure they use pen or permanent marker as we will be using the tags to create a colorful display outside of the school. 

Keep your eyes open as the month progresses and our visual display of kindness grows!

5th Grade Paint Night - March 19th 6PM

Hey 5th Graders! Please sign up to be a part of Paint Night!

Join together with your classmates for a social evening of guided painting with an artist from Art Signals Studio. 

All supplies will be provided ahead of time. 

CLICK HERE to register by March 12th

Watch the Show!
Teacher Spotlight

Meet Mr. Kelsey!

Within the walls of our school house there is a team of talented teachers working in Nixon's Learning Center. Mr. Kelsey has been a Special Educator for thirteen years and with us, helping students inside and out of the Learning Center classroom, for the past four years.

What does a Learning Center Teacher do?

Mr. Kelsey helps students with their projects, often working in small groups, providing lessons that coincide with the curriculum taking place in the classroom. He is currently working with Kindergarteners writing "how to" stories, helping 1st graders build numbers using fact families, organizing "book sells" with 3rd grade, and developing arguments and opinion responses with 5th grade students.  He also works on targeted phonics, math, and writing skills with students within the Learning Center classroom.

Mr. Kelsey says:

"While working at the Learning Center at Nixon, I try to make sure that my students are included as much as possible, and that they have every opportunity to succeed with the classroom curriculum, in the classroom. At the same time, I try to support the classroom as a whole as much as I can, to blend any support I'm providing into the classroom instruction as a whole. The more inclusive and holistic our classrooms are, the better the learning experience will be for our kids."

Mr. Kelsey has two young sons, ages 2 and 5 (shown in the picture), who love Pokemon and playing outside. When Dad has some spare time he enjoys building computers! WOW! Mr. Kelsey also is an avid soccer player, though missing his team as he stays super safe during the pandemic. He is a big supporter of the Liverpool Football Club in England. Go Reds! We have heard from those who work with him that Mr. Kelsey makes sure his students feel like they are part of a team, following the same motto as his beloved football team: "You'll never walk alone!"

He says:

"My day is exciting because I get to work in several different grades, going to different classrooms to help out with math and ELA lessons. I also get to have small group classes of my own in my own classroom. The variety that working in different grades brings to my day is something I really enjoy."

Mr. Kelsey and the Learning Center team ensure that Nixon is a wonderful place to learn and grow, providing that extra support to teachers and students when they need it. Mr. Kelsey shoots and scores by finding unique ways for students to succeed within the scope and sequence of the curriculum. GOAAAAAAAAL! 

In all seriousness, but in-keeping with the soccer references, Mr. Kelsey is captain of the team! So, the next time you see him, please extend a Thank You for the hard work he does. 

Classroom Teachers...

Looking for a way to spice up your online instruction? 

The PTO is here to support you! 

We have volunteers ready to prepare Curriculum Craft materials into individual take-home kits for all of your students. Just share with us your thoughts on the curriculum topic you'd like to highlight and we can help come up with the perfect craft project to compliment it! 

Contact our Curriculum Craft Coordinator: to get the planning started!

PTO Open Board Positions

We are looking for dedicated volunteers to fill open positions in our PTO Board starting in June 2021.


Term June 2021- June 2023. The new co-chair will work along side the current co-chair Haley Bush during the 2021-2022 Academic Year, learning how the PTO is run, and then continue for a second year passing on knowledge to the next co-chair. The co-chairs collaborate to produce a strategic plan and budget, coordinate volunteers, communicate with members and partner with building Principals, Teachers and the district Superintendent to facilitate the mission. Estimated time commitment = 1-4 hours per week. 


This volunteer is responsible for collaborating with the executive board, attending PTO meetings and producing meeting minutes. Estimated time commitment = 1-3 hours per month.


Apprentice along side our two current Treasurers to learn the ropes of our non-profit organization. You would not have any direct responsibilities at the start, but would gradually transition into the Treasurer role. Estimated time commitment = 1-2 hours per month.

Please contact Haley & Janelle at if you are interested in any of these roles. We look forward to hearing from you!

Like to be involved but are not sure what role would be a good fit? We have volunteer opportunities for all whether you have 1 hour or 100 hours. Send us an email and we can give you some options!

Save the Date

On March 19th we will open our registration for our Science Fair! We hope you will participate!

Help us with our upcoming Science Fair

We are looking for teachers and parents to volunteer an hour of their time, any time during the week of April 28th through May 5th to watch student presentations of their science projects and provide them with comments and feedback on an online platform. Be a scientist for a day! 

Click here to sign up!

Sudbury Spring Sports

Sudbury Girls Softball Registration for grades K-9 Now Open.

Click HERE to register


~Thank you to Sarah Thompson and Angela Daniels for putting together such a wonderful and entertaining Talent Show! Thank you to all those who participated in our Talent Show. You were all amazing and it was so fun to watch!

~Thank you to Katie Champagne for putting together 384 kits for our upcoming Spirit Day craft activity. 

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