Classroom & Teacher Gifts


Each year there is a wonderful tradition of recognizing the outstanding teachers of Nixon with gifts for their classrooms. Donations are collected by the PTO and gift purchases are coordinated by the Room Parents. Gifts should be targeted towards supplies and enhancements for the classroom and intended to be used by all current students and other students in the future. 


To donate to a Classroom Gift, please click on the gift tag below...



To have your gift donation included in the winter gifting season,

please make your one time donation by

December 1st

A portion of all donations made to the classrooms will go towards gifts for our Specialist teachers and their specific area of study and classrooms. A portion of your donation will also go towards an appreciation initiative for Staff that work in and out of the classrooms. 100% of this donation goes towards the Nixon Teachers and Staff, no portion is retained by the Nixon PTO. 


Room Parents solicit monetary donations from families only ONCE per year and also coordinate the planning and preparations for sentiments from the students. Gifts are usually given twice per year; once in December before winter recess and again at the end of the school year in June. If you have questions about your Room Parent Coordinated Gift please email your Room Parent directly! Who's my Room Parent?


Gifting is voluntary and no parent, or Room Parent Volunteer, should ever feel pressured to participate! Any Room Parent Coordinated gift will be given in the name of the "entire class" where no individual person will be recognized. 


Gifts from individuals are highly discouraged at our school and subject to disclosure to the principal. In most cases, personal gifts are unethical and go against state regulations and Sudbury Public School policy. Please consider contributing to Room Parent Coordinated Gifting. 


If you would like to give a gift to an individual staff member, please consider purchasing an item from their Amazon Wish List. All items purchased from the Wish List go directly to the staff member or their work area and are anonymous. 


If you have questions or concerns about gifting, please email