Room Parents act as liaisons between the classroom parents and the classroom teacher. Their primary focus is assisting classroom teachers in planning classroom specific initiatives throughout the year and addressing classroom needs. 


There are some policies in which Room Parents need to follow in order to be consistent with other room parents and comply with state regulations. Please take some time to review the following guidelines so that you can best assist your classroom teacher. Room Parent Guide


Room parents also partner with the PTO to coordinate gifts for teachers. For more information see our Classroom Gifting page.


If you would like to be a Room Parent for your child's classroom, please make sure you are a registered PTO member and then contact your child's teacher directly. If you have questions, please contact the



Who's my Room Parent?

2021-2022 Room Parent Contacts: 




Amaral: Ann Gilmore & Joan Raynor

Burrell: Amanda Raymond

Rivera: Debbie Vanagas & Karyn Jones


1st Grade


Booth: Kristen Clark & Paula Wang

Sutherland: Mona Reese & Debbie Vanagas


2nd Grade


Choquette: Karyn Jones & Michele Gangi

Manuel: Kyla Ruane

Cifuentes: Maddy Gothie & Brooke Thomson


3rd Grade


Kotkin: Jackie Barry

Morabito: Dawn Wessman



4th Grade


Brown: Laurie Caliri & Colleen Mazin

Durkin: Maggie Wilson & Rana Eletriby

Miller: Jen DiModica & Vona Hill


5th Grade


Bleiler: Dyna Ashe & Angela Daniels

Smaldone: Sue Ciaffoni & Katie Champagne


Room Parent Coordinator:

Colleen Mazin


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