PTO Member Reimbursement Form 

Use this form when you are a volunteer who has purchased something for your program and need to be reimbursed!


Teacher, Principal or Staff Stipend Reimbursement Form

Use this form if you are a Nixon teacher, principal or staff member and need to be reimbursed for a purchase and are using your budgeted stipend amount. This includes fundraising partnerships with Library and Art. Not sure what your amount is? Check here! Have a question about your remaining balance? Email


Teacher/Staff Request for Additional Funds

If you are a Nixon teacher or staff member and you have used your budgeted stipend or do not have a stipend assigned to your role or work area, please fill out this form and we will determine if the PTO can provide you with additional funds. 



Educational Enrichment 


Please see our Enrichment Volunteer Resources page.



Request for Cash or Checks


Request for Cash Box

For members to get a cash box to sell items at an approved event. Please request at least two weeks in advance so that we have enough time to prepare the box and deliver it to the appropriate person. 


Check Request for Program Payment

Use this form when you have scheduled a vendor and need a check to be issued for payment. Examples: Enrichment Programs or Appreciation Caterers. 


Request for Scholarship Cash

Use this form if you are a member of the Nixon Staff who is coordinating a PTO event where a scholarship student needs cash in hand at the event in order to participate. 



Event Planning


Nixon Internal Facilities Use Form

Use this form if you are planning a PTO event which needs to use a part of the school building or campus during school hours. Completed forms will be electronically sent to the Nixon Front Office. You will get an email response from the Administrative Assistants. 


SPS Building Use Form

Use this form if you are planning a large event which impacts the use of the school building or campus and requires coordination of a custodian and/or police detail. Completed forms should be printed and submitted in person to the Nixon Front Office.