We welcome questions about our non-profit Parent Teacher Organization, Nixon School, and the greater Sudbury community. Please don't hesitate to reach out!


Board Members

Co-Chairs:  cochairs@nixonpto.org


Kathryn Liddle (2022-2024)

Katie McCue (2022-2024)


Treasurers: treasurers@nixonpto.org

Christina Dennis (2021-2023)

Joan Raynor (2021-2023)


Secretary: secretary@nixonpto.org

Haley Bush (2022-2024)



Helpful contacts

Have a question about Nixon or our PTO? Ask an expert: information@nixonpto.org


New Family Coordinators: newfamily@nixonpto.org

Haley Bush


Yearbook: yearbook@nixonpto.org

Kristine Daniel


Nixon Gear: nixongear@nixonpto.org 

Lyn Wilson 


Food Pantry: foodpantry@nixonpto.org 

Angela Daniels 


Teacher & Staff Appreciation: appreciation@nixonpto.org 

Annie Magee & Leichen Dai


5th Grade Committee: 5thgradecommittee@nixonpto.org 

Dyna Ashe & Angela Daniels


Auction Committee: auction@nixonpto.org

Kyla Ruane


Room Parent Coordinator: roomparentcoordinator@nixonpto.org

Colleen Mazin


Book Fair Committee: bookfair@nixonpto.org

Liz Adams, Tiffany Bonk & Rachel Nelson


Upcoming Events