In addition to supporting our school, the PTO also participates in outreach programs within our community. We connect families with resources in town and help communicate information to our members.

The elementary school communities in Sudbury are incredibly gracious contributors to the Sudbury Food Pantry. They provide nearly 35% of what the Food Pantry distributes each month to 60-80 families. Every donated item allows the pantry to serve its mission of helping any individual or family in need. More information about the Sudbury Food Pantry can be found at http://sudburyfoodpantry.org/about/Food Pantry is the largest community service initiative at Nixon.  All members of the community are asked to donate food pantry items to the drive.  


Donation dates will be communicated via our Nixon Newsletter!

For questions, email FoodPantry@NixonPTO.org



The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) was created over 40 years ago by urban and suburban educational collaborators who believed that all children should have access to quality education in suburban school districts. The Sudbury Public School PK-8 system enrolled its first students on January 27, 1975, when forty students were placed in the five Sudbury Elementary Schools. Currently, this grant-funded program supports seventy students annually. Students completing grade 8, and any other student(s) leaving the Sudbury METCO Program, are replaced with the number of new elementary students needed to maintain the set number of 70 for the next fiscal year.





New Family


Our PTO welcomes new families to Nixon, whether you are an incoming Kindergartener, transferring from another school or if you have just moved to town. Please see our calendar for upcoming New Family events!


Some of the initiatives the PTO participates in or leads:


Kick-off to Kindergarten - January for incoming Kindergarten parents/guardians only

Kindergarten Orientation - June for incoming Kindergarten parents/guardians and students

New to Nixon Orientation - August for families who have moved to our district or transferred to Nixon from another school

Kindergarten Welcome Event - August/September for Kindergarten parents/guardians and students

Nixon Playground Playdate - August/September for Kindergarteners to meet classmates before their first day of school

New Family Meet ups - All year for families who come to Nixon mid-year


To get involved or if you are a new family with questions, email our committee at newfamily@NixonPTO.org




Our PTO participates in Back to School Night, an event held in September which provides an opportunity for families to tour the school, visit classrooms, hear presentations from teachers and administrators and access resources related to the school and community. Please visit our PTO table and talk to some of our volunteers and learn how you can get involved. 




Alumni Lunch


In the spring, Lincoln-Sudbury High School Graduating Seniors who attended Nixon Elementary visit with the Nixon Graduating 5th Graders and share what their plans are for after high school. The PTO provides lunch for this event.  


For questions, email nixon_office@sudbury.k12.ma.us

School Beautification


The PTO donates supplies for bulletin boards and plants for school beautification. Our volunteers work hard to make our school welcoming. 


For questions, email cochairs@NixonPTO.org