* If your child needs adult assistance exiting the car, please park in the parking lot and walk your student across the crosswalk

* Only proceed to live drop off line if your child/children are able to independently exit the car themselves. Please have children exit the car on the passenger side.

* Please pull all the way up to the stop sign as traffic is moving through before letting your child/children exit the car.

* Have your child/children exit the car only when traffic comes to a stop. Staff on duty will let you know when your child is able to exit the car

* Please proceed out of the parking lot in the pick up line. Do not come out of the pick up line to pass cars that are still unloading.




Green Arrow:

Notes entrance and traffic pattern to live pick-up

Red Line:

Indicates stop line and where cars form a single line awaiting their child and staff to approach

Blue Line:

Indicates exit line for all cars departing from the Nixon campus. Car exiting only occurs out to Concord Road.


Nixon Elementary School Dismissal

1. What are the Nixon Elementary School Hours?



2. What is the pick-up procedure for children who do not take the bus home from school?

From the entrance road into Nixon School, turn right into the main parking lot and then a left at the end of the parking lot. From the stop line, proceed right into the live drop-off circle and stop at the red stop line and wait in line until your child arrives at your car. Live pick-up is when drivers remain in their cars. Nixon staff will be on duty to assist.


Please note the following:

  • Place name placard in the front windshield of your car.

  • As you enter the live drop-off circle, park alongside the numbered orange cones.

  • Students will meet your cars in a timely manner.

  • Remain in your car at pick-up. A staff member will be available to assist if necessary, but in most cases, children can get into their car and close the door unassisted. This is a good skill to practice. You will need to secure your child into the car seat.

  • Please remain in line until you are directed to exit by a staff member.

  • Do not pass on the left when in the loop.

  • You may choose to have your child remain as a walker. Please meet your child(ren) across Concord Road.


If you have any questions about pick up/drop off procedures, please contact the Nixon front office.

Main Number: 978-443-1080