Educational Enrichment 

Volunteer Resources

Thank you for volunteering! 


Step 1: Enrichment Program Principal Approval 

Use this form when you have planned a program with the grade-level teachers and now need Principal's Office Approval.

Step 2: Enrichment Coordinator Budget Approval

Use this form when you have received principal approval and know how much the program will cost. 

Step 3: Nixon Internal Facilities Building Use Form

Use this form to coordinate with the Nixon Front office when you are ready with all program details and have a plan for where the program will be held. 

Step 4: Check Request for Enrichment Program Payment

Use this form to request a check from the PTO Treasurer to pay your vendor. 

Step 5: Parent Update Form

Use this form to write a brief note to families about the enrichment program. Send the form to room parents as soon as possible after the program for distribution. 

Step 6: Summary of Enrichment Program Information

Use this form when you program is complete and you need to document all the information to be used by PTO volunteers in the future. 

Step 7: Enrichment Program Evaluation

For Teachers & Staff and volunteer present at the program - Please fill out this evaluation after you have participated in an Enrichment Program. Thank you for your feedback!